Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones

The good: The Creative Aurvana X-Fi offers advanced sound enhancement features not found in other headphones and those features work as advertised. These headphones also offer great sound quality and noise cancellation, and they come with some handy extras.

The bad: The Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones are expensive, the design isn't that portable, and quite a bit of sound bleeds out for all to hear.

The bottom line: The Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones are a good option for bass-loving frequent fliers who have the money to spend and don't mind others eavesdropping on their listening experience.

The Aurvana X-Fi is the first wearable audio gear from Creative to include the X-Fi Crystalizer hardware from the company's sound cards and will actively restore many of the missing details found in compressed AAC and MP3 tracks. The headphones will also cancel up to 20dB of noise or add a 3D spatialization effect. Listeners can even mix and match different effects depending on the environment, Creative says. These effects are provided for up to nine hours on two AAA batteries, though the headphones will operate like any other earphone set without power.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

HP Photosmart R937

The good: Intuitive interface; huge screen; fast performance.

The bad: Horrible noise; really small zoom rocker.

The bottom line: If not for the massive amounts of noise in some photos, the HP Photosmart R937 would be a good point-and-shoot camera.

HP Photosmart R937 is the largest camera touch screen so far to date. It will give you more room to view and edit photos, and easy navigation without reaching buttons.

It has an anti blur technology feature for crisp and clear photos. This 8-megapixel R937 will cost you $300.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

iPod touch

The new Ipod Touch is the latest mp3 player from Apple. It comes with the same revolutionary interface as iPhone with its touch screen feature. It plays music, watch videos and photos. It can also surf the web with Apple's Safari browser that gives you wireless access to the internet. It's like an iPhone without the phone feature.

Ipod Touch comes in 8GB and 16GB Models in a very affordable price at $299.